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Add Express Capture to your website in minutes!


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Validation in the Cloud

Kleber makes it easy to add address, email & phone

validation or geocoding to your website.

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How much is a correct address worth?

A package is just a package until it’s sent to the correct address.

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Fuzzy Name & Address Matching

Complex matching technology with an easy to use interface.

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International Address Validation

Validate addresses from around the world with one solution.

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Data Made Easy

Merge, purge, dedupe, list wash & more. It’s that simple!

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Real Time Address Capture

Capturing addresses in real time on websites and internal applications is a business essential.

DataTools’ software solutions include easy to implement plug-&-play website and desktop options

to highly flexible developer APIs. Why risk capturing unverified data any longer?

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DataTools Real Time Address Capture
DataTools - Data Cleansing & Enhancement

Data Cleansing & Enhancement

Data can be cleansed, verified, parsed, merged, purged or enhanced in a variety of ways.

Having software that makes doing this easy is what sets Datatools apart.

Get more from your data with our solutions.

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De-Duplication and Matching

The ability to find duplications and/or identify matches in a database is core to most businesses.

Using advanced fuzzy matching technology & methods, Datatools’ software allows you

to find relationships, add intelligence, consolidate data and more!

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DataTools De-Duplication and Matching
DataTools Barcoding Mail & Postage Savings

Barcoding Mail & Postage Savings

DataTools has a barcoding tool for all levels of business, which means you can

start to reap the benefits of lower postage costs today.

How much could you be saving?

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Professional Mailing Solutions

Powerful, user-friendly software is the reason we are a leading supplier of professional mailing solutions.

Our service & commitment are the reason we stay that way.

DataTools – helping you navigate the complexities of mailing with ease.

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DataTools Professional Mailing Solutions

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DataTools About Us

About Us

Want to know what makes us tick? All is revealed here.

DataTools software is trusted by:

DataTools – A Lot More Than Just Online Address Verification

DataTools brings you easy-to-use deduplication, address validation, and data cleansing software. Businesses become more streamlined and impactful when they gain the capability to quickly rid their databases of identical entries i.e. duplicates. Using advanced algorithms and matching methods, DataTools’ software solutions offer you a way to find these duplicates and consolidate data like never before.

Our tools also give you the capability to carry out online address validation in Australia. Get the power to do more, quicker and more accurately.

You can count on DataTools for solutions to help protect your data in real time.

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