Capture addresses faster with less effort

DataTools' capture technology increases efficiency by streamlining address entry, whether it's online during checkout, at POS or within a CRM. This technology also ensures that accurate data is submitted at the front-end thus minimising downstream issues. Improve not only the quality of the address data captured but also the user experience by shortening data-entry time.

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Format, clean, repair and verify addresses automatically, with 100% accuracy, and no ambiguities

DataTools’ advanced “Human Touch” logic enables batches of existing address data to be cleansed in real-time. The Human Touch™ logic will take the full address and intelligently make sense of information in the same intuitive way a human would.

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More Data Sources

DataTools' data enhancement platform aggregates multiple verified data sources and services into one streamlined platform. And because we know data is only as good as it is relevant, our OptiSource System™ gives you instant access to the best data sources for your specific tasks. That means more data that’s more relevant to you. And when it comes to up-front accuracy, this can make all the difference.

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More Human

Rather than standard percentage matching against verified databases (like other data enhancement platforms), DataTools’ unique Human Touch™ algorithm makes sense of information in the same intuitive way a human would. This means we spot the errors the others can't find. And when it comes to data, it’s catching these inaccuracies that takes a database from good to great.

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Something special happens when more data is made more
relevant, and is met with a more human approach.

We call it the DataTools Intuitive Advantage

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    10% fewer exceptions
  • WITH
    10% fewer manual verifications

Validate not only addresses, but phone numbers and emails in a single platform in real-time

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Implementation Made Simple
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Bulletproof Security
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Built for Scale
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Best Unlimited Support Services
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Unlimited free technical support

We are committed to helping our customers get the most from their software.

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“Now in my 8th year with DataTools I can highly recommend both DataTools the software programme and the customer service team. DataTools is easy to use and the customer service team are approachable and always available to help answer queries and resolve issues. Thank you to the team at DataTools!”

Chad H

“The Support Agent was great to work with and replied with great knowledge of the system. They were able to point us to the type of function we should use AND how to best use the results being returned to validate the address entered by the users”

Tony C

“The whole DataTools team provide exceptional service, they have consistently provided excellent support over the years”

Isana C

“DataTools Support provided us very good service.  The technician found the problem and helped us resolve the issue in no time”

Shravan K

“You have a great Support Team. They understood how critical my situation was and didn’t disconnect until it was resolved”

Tarek I

“My Support Agent was so patient and extremely good at explaining how to fix my issue. Thank you for the great customer service once again”

Moira W

“DataTools have always provided a dependable and reliable service and the team clearly shows that. I guess that’s why we’ve been with them for all these years and haven’t looked back”

Robert G

“DataTools Support was excellent. The job we were working on was urgent, so your excellent and prompt service was very much appreciated”

David T

“DataTools Technical Support displayed a high level of involvement in providing resolution to the issue, high level of technical skills and exceptionally good customer service skills. We are very pleased with the quality of support that was provided”

Marek B

“The DataTools Support specialist was absolutely brilliant, she was professional, explained everything and was happy to help even after I called 7 times. I’m looking forward to working with her again if we have any questions. Thanks!”

David G

“Lovely and friendly staff. DataTools do more than just take an order, they followed up to make sure everything is working as expected. Great!”

Steve D

“Answers provided by support were very clear and to the point. Issues that could have taken hours to resolve, got rectified within minutes with the help I received. Excellent job and keep up the great work!”

Sina M

“The DataTools Support Team was very helpful, professional and efficient, they helped us achieve a business critical timeline with a successful outcome. The Team should be commended! Thank you for all your efforts”

Roslind W

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