Implementation Made Simple

At DataTools, we have always believed that data quality software should be simple. DataTools approach from the beginning, more than two decades ago was to make complex work of cleaning data so simple that a non-technical person could achieve it using DataTools software.

This approach didn’t stop with easy to use point and click desktop tools but continued with DataTools introduction of easy to integrate APIs and Webservices.

Just because APIs and web services are implemented by technical people, doesn’t mean it should be hard.

DataTools unique webservice approach means that you only have to implement one API to cover everything from address, phone and email verification through to geocoding, change of address and capture.

And “simple” doesn’t end with easy to use intuitive software. Every product from DataTools include real, unlimited user and technical support by highly experienced support consultants at no extra cost.

At DataTools we’re not trying to make it complicated so we can charge for additional setup, training, consulting or integration work. Instead we’re interested in making data quality software as simple, quick and as pleasurable an experience as possible.