Phone validation
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Stop wasting time, energy, and money calling disconnected phone numbers. 

Phone Validation & Verification

What is it?

Phone Validation

Mistyping a phone number is easy, especially when entering data on a mobile device. This happens all too often. And it is cutting into the bottom line for companies across the globe as time is wasted texting and calling numbers that don’t exist. Accurate phone data is one of the most important assets your sales team can have.

Phone validation tools can help your company improve the data on your phone lists. They help keep your phone bank clean and fight fraudulent numbers. By identifying the difference between a landline and a mobile line, phone number verification can help companies maximise revenue and marketing opportunities, improve customer experience, and increase business performance. This gives your sales team a head start on the sales process.

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Phone Number Verification

DataTools’ Phone Number Verification service ensures that an Australian or New Zealand phone number is connected in real-time. Both landlines and mobile telephone numbers can be checked instantly. Whereas similar services use a static list of phone numbers (like their phone book) that can become out of date, the DataTools phone verification service connects directly with the phone carriers to return the most accurate and up-to-date information.

What type of information is returned?

The DataTools Phone Number Verification service returns some
useful information about the phone number’s connection status.

Phone Number Status

CONNECTED – The telephone number is connected.
DISCONNECTED – The telephone number is not connected.

INDETERMINATE – The telephone number returned an indeterminate status. The system could not reliably determine if the number is connected or disconnected.

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How Can DataTools Help?

DataTools’ Phone Number Verification service returns useful information about the phone number’s connection status. It can tell you if the phone number is connected or disconnected before your sales team spends time trying to contact the potential customer. It will also tell you if it is unable to determine the status of that number. The phone validation software gives you information on personal, residential, and business numbers, so you can stay compliant with telemarketing regulation.

Our phone verification software will help you increase business performance. By identifying if it is a mobile or landline number, your marketing team can decide the best approach to reach out to the individual.

DataTools connects directly with phone providers throughout Australia and New Zealand. This allows you to get real-time, accurate, up-to-date information on the phone numbers before they become part of your phone database. Other services use static lists that quickly become outdated.

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Our Accreditations

DataTools complete annual certifications with Australian and New Zealand authorities to demonstrate we provide and maintain quality software. These accreditations prove our quality of management, approval to supply to government departments and the ability to comply with postal authorities strict guidelines for software approval.

The DataTools difference.

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