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February 02 ∙ 5 min read

Stop Breaking Hearts and Losing Customers with THIS Quick Fix






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Ever heard the “it’s not you, it’s me” excuse? Maybe with an added “I hope we can still be friends” to sweeten the deal? 

If you’ve ever had it said straight to your face, my condolences. 

But this time, it’s legitimately not you. It’s your data. Data is the cornerstone of any business and if you didn’t have any, then you wouldn’t know who your customers are, you wouldn’t know how much revenue you’ve generated, you wouldn’t know who you could still prospect to.   

It would quite literally fall apart!    

From Couch to Cart: The Rise of e-Commerce & Online Retail

In the past few years and particularly during COVID19, we saw a massive influx of online stores which gave everyone exponentially more accessible and diverse products: 

  • Virtual stores for an already recognised brand 
  • Retail fronts for many wholesalers connected via the backend 
  • Small, independent online retailers selling unique products or services 
  • Dropshipping stores that purchase their items from third parties and ship it directly to the customer 
  • Specialty online stores that focus on a specific category of products for a particular audience 
  • Marketplace platforms where multiple sellers can list and sell their products through a single platform 
  • Subscription-based e-commerce where stores offer products or services on a subscription basis.  

No matter the kind of store in operation, online store are owners always hard-pressed to solve problems before they happen so they don’t start losing customers. It’s a lot of pressure but unfortunately, it comes with the line of work. 

You Deserve Better: The Link Between Forms & Losing Customers

One pesky and recurrent issue we can all relate to is that we don’t like filling out forms. Nitpicky details like how a form looks on mobile, whether it loads quickly enough, or even if it can come up with pre-filled information for multiple fields can absolutely make or break a sale.  

Your cart abandonment issues are waving! 

And on that note, with cart abandonment being a whooping 70.19 percent globally, it’s just too easy to start losing customers over these fine details. 

So, if we can have something that helps key in the correct info, then it would be a better experience for sellers, customers, and organisations overall. Faster, more accurate customer information that’s sent and processed securely?  

Looks like a business with standards – yes please! 

We don’t think anybody deserves to have to close shop because they’ve been George Costanza’d (that’s the guy who practically invented “it’s not you, it’s me” on the TV show, Seinfeld!) by one too many customers.  

"Goodbye" Should Never Be an Easy Word to Say...

Especially in business!

DataTools Kleber auto-completes addresses with the most updated and authoritative data sets in Australia, New Zealand, and the world. We made this to help anybody who’s ever had to heave a business out of the hellhole that is bad data quality, and the path to the light often starts with getting rid of irrelevant, clunky, and unchecked online forms.  

It’s a product that will enable you to reduce erroneous parcel delivery, save on postage, run meaningful analytics on accurate information, and help maintain those tight margins that you’re often running to stay in the game. 

No more losing customers before you even get to see them, tearing your hair out across multiple sleepless nights over poorly submitted forms, and allocating thousands of dollars into recovering from discouraged prospects and lost parcels.  Make parting with your products and services the most difficult decision possible for your customers. 

We’re not saying this is the magic bullet to overhauling your entire customer experience. But we can promise that you build healthy and consistent data management habits over time with little to no effort on your part. So you (I mean, your data) can finally stop breaking your businesses’ heart and start thriving. 

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