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Recent Changes

9 November 2023

Saas EULA (SaaS Agreement) v2.0 and Software EULA (Software Agreement) v3.0

  • Clearer headings, more concise format.
  • Clearer confidentiality and privacy clauses.
  • Warranties and payment terms substantially the same as previous versions (SaaS EULA v1.9 and Software EULA v2.4).
  • Simplification of liability clauses, and alignment with industry standards.
  • Review to ensure the Agreements align with amendments to the Competition and Consumer Act (2010) – Unfair Contract Terms, including ensuring that the following are in place:
    • Mutual rights for assignment, and termination for convenience and material breach
    • Notice provided for renewals and amendments.

Version B – 10 November 2023: minor amendments to above versions including numbering, and update to clauses 6(d), 10(a), 12(e)

Version C – 15 January 2024: Formatting updates.

20 May 2023

Third Party Agreements

  • Added new NZ Post terms (new Schedule N): applicable to all products and services that validate New Zealand addresses (effective immediately).
  • Replaced Australia Post end user terms (with new Schedule A): applicable to all products and services that validate Australian addresses (effective 20 June 2023).

SaaS EULA v1.9 and Software EULA v2.4

  • Amendments to reflect the new Third Party Agreement schedules.
  • Amendments to clarify support offering.
  • Amendments to align privacy clauses between EULA for Software and EULA for SaaS.

24 November 2022

SaaS EULA v1.8B:

  • Updated number references
  • Removed repetition/redundant (eg 17.3 and 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4)
  • Clarification made to Evaluation Offerings 2.13.2
  • Amended caveat to limitations and exclusions of liability clause 9.1 to make it mutual
  • Court location – specified Sydney, Australia.

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