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Terms and Conditions

Find legal information and resources for DataTools products and services.

Software License Agreements

The DataTools Software as a Service (SaaS) Agreement can be found here: 

DataTools Software as a Service (SaaS) Agreement – previously DataTools Software as a Service End User Licence Agreement (SaaS EULA)

End User License Agreements

The DataTools End User Licence Software Agreement (for non-SaaS products) can be found here:

DataTools Software Agreement – previously DataTools End User License Agreement (Software EULA)

Data Supply Agreement

The DataTools Data Supply Agreement (for DataTools Address Lists products) can be found here:

DataTools Data Supply Agreement

Website Terms and Conditions

The DataTools Terms and Conditions of our website can be found here: DataTools Website Terms of Use.

Third Party Agreements

The Third Party Agreements can be found here:

– Australia Post Postal Address File (PAF) – Australian address validation
– Australia Business Register – ABN Lookup
– Validity – E-mail validation
– GBG Loqate – International address validation
– GNAF End User Licence Agreement – Geocode validation
– GNAF Use Restriction – Geocode validation
– LINZ, NZ Post – New Zealand address validation
– Equifax, HLR Lookup – Phone validation

DataTools Recent Changes

Recent changes to our terms can be found here.

Australian Address Lists

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