31 January 2023

Helping Defence personnel reintegrate into society

A not-for-profit offering insurance products to the Australian Defence Force community needed address validation services for their website and their CRM.

Defence force jets

The Client

The client primarily offers health and travel insurance to everybody involved in the Defence community. At its core, these are the ADF members, their partners, and their children. In extension, they also cater for veterans who have served in the past and their families, those who support ADF-serving personnel, and ADF suppliers.

Apart from insurance, the client sponsors groups and organisations related to the community. It has also funded medical research aimed towards currently serving and ex-serving ADF personnel and their families. 

The Challenge

Military service personnel often struggle with reintegrating into society. This is because civilian life may seem like a stark contrast to the strict culture and structure of the Defence Force. As a result, veterans find themselves dealing with a very real sense of loss. The end of their deployment may also mean the end of their job, their community, their purpose, and their identity.

As a non-profit, the client operates on limited funds and manpower. Most of their resources need to be focused on providing life-changing services to veterans and others in the community. They needed affordable, accessible, and reliable software that could do the following:

  • Provide address validation
  • Generate Delivery Point Identifiers (DPIDs) based on existing addresses and/or new addresses that are entered and to use it for further processing by other systems.

The Process 

In September 2014, the client approached us and asked for an Address Validation product.

We recommended the Express Capture solution. 

Express Capture has:

  • Every deliverable address in Australia down to the unit level.
  • Has an address structure that conforms with the rules of the Australia Post, fully understanding the nuances of local address entry.
  • Does not require any development.
  • Has a very low cost of entry.


Express Capture provides excellent UK address validation. An address in the UK can be found both predictively and by entering a postcode with the street number or vice versa.

Another point of contact from the same organization approached and asked for help with generating DPIDs. This would be for mailouts and would need to be appended in real-time.

We also discussed Kleber methods that were relevant to the client’s needs:

  • Predictive Address Capture
  • Advanced Address Repair
  • Address Validation
  • Email Address Verification
  • Phone Number Connect

The Impact 

The client purchased two services from DataTools: Express Capture for their website in October 2014, and Kleber for their CRM in December 2015. 

Simplified Address Capture and Verification

The internet is the leading resource for information, products, and services across several industries. As a result, it’s become imperative for entities online to prioritize streamlined operations. A fast, lightweight, and clear website will improve the customer experience and draw more attention to the organization.

Express Capture predictively lists possible addresses as the user types. Once they identify their address and click on it, the software automatically fills in all the address fields for the user. This encourages potential leads to complete forms and continue until the end of the checkout process. 

More Accurate Data and a Streamlined User Experience

At this point, it is no longer enough to just collect information. Verifying customers, sending parcels, conducting audience research and other important organizational activities involve up-to-date and accurate data. As the non-profit grew in scale and reach, so did the complexity of their data. 

Kleber helped their organization scale effectively by cleansing and repairing their data.

Australian Address Lists

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