Culturally Sensitive Healthcare, Donors and Address Validation

This organisation needed software that could enhance their donations portal and provide a better user experience for their valued donors.


At a Glance

This organisation needed software that could enhance their donations portal and provide a better user experience for their valued donors. 

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Bridging the Gap Between Western Medicine and Indigenous Healthcare

This nonprofit organisation represents and supports health workers and practitioners for and indigenous community in Australia. It is the national peak body and professional association for individuals, improving the health and wellbeing of these communities by promoting the importance of indigenous health workers and practitioners.

The Challenge

The organisation struggled to obtain accurate contact details for donations. Donors often entered addresses in unconventional and/or inconsistent formats, resulting in unclean data.  

They wanted to provide a better experience for their donors as they play a crucial role in supporting ongoing growth, running operations and aiding its members. 

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The Process 

A representative of the organisation approached us in 2022 and registered for a Kleber Trial, explaining that they were looking at it for Google Address Payment Gateway and address validation before purchases. 

They signed up for an annual plan. During our most recent call with the client, they confirmed that they have not had any issues with the software to date.  

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The Impact 

Address validation is crucial for nonprofits. Kleber, our Australian address validation software, improved the efficiency of their donation portal by: 

Ensuring Donor Data Accuracy

Nonprofits maintain databases of donor information, including addresses for communication and acknowledgment purposes. Address validation software ensures that donor addresses are accurate, complete and standardised reducing errors in the database. It helps maintain the integrity of donor data and improves the organisation’s ability to communicate effectively with donors. 

Creating Efficient Fundraising Campaigns

When nonprofits conduct fundraising campaigns, they often send out donation appeals through direct mail or email. Address validation software ensures that the addresses used for these campaigns are valid and deliverable, increasing the likelihood of reaching the intended recipients. 

Increasing Donor Retention

Accurate addresses play a vital role in maintaining donor relationships. Address validation software ensures that donation acknowledgment letters, thank-you notes and other communications reach the intended recipients in a timely manner. By providing a seamless and efficient donation experience, nonprofits can enhance donor satisfaction and increase the likelihood of donor retention. 

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