07 March 2023

Helping luxury wines find the right homes

A global producer and distributor of premium and luxury wines, with a strong presence in multiple countries around the world, approached us in the middle of their expansion.

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At a Glance

The company has a strong focus on premium and luxury wines, and has won numerous awards for its products. They also operate a number of vineyards and wineries around the world. 

Based on their inquiries, they found us during a period of significant expansion for their business and we are honored to have played a role in their growth. 

Wine, Liquor, and Other Luxuries

This client is one of the world’s largest wine companies and describes the organisation as an end-to-end global wine business. They have over 2,500 team members, three brand portfolio divisions, and 11,300 hectares of vineyards and winemaking facilities in the world. 

In addition to its core wine business, the client also has a focus on sustainability. They have set a number of goals to reduce their environmental impact such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water use. 

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The Challenge

The client needed software that could perform address validation in Australia, the UK, and the US. With a global team, they needed software that could easily be used across a variety of teams; something adaptable, easy to pick up, and quickly accessible

The Process 

In September 2018, this client reached out to us and expressed their need for address, phone, and email validation. After a discussion with their contact, we gave them two options:

  1. Express Capture: this was the most straightforward solution to their problems. It could be implemented with no development on their part and be ready for use in minutes. One caveat would be that its sole function is address validation, and that it would not provide phone nor email validation.   
  2. Kleber: the preferred option for businesses who want to have more customisation and configuration on their validation software. This is the leading option for developers because it aggregates DataTools and third-party data services within a single API integration that offers data capture, verification, matching, and uplift. 


After a demonstration in October, they told us they would likely implement Express Capture to handle their validation needs short-term and then implement Kleber later.

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They also considered our Twins software for their needs.   

Later that month, a separate contact reached out to us and asked about software he could use in their e-commerce stores. We organised a tech call with them to confirm their preferred strategy: they would start out with EC and Twins, and then use Kleber thereafter.    

By November, they started replacing their old software with Express Capture. A few days later, they asked about the Batch Addressing Tool and Twins.    

Based on a sample file we received and our discussions with them, we recommended Twins for cleaning existing address data on an ad-hoc basis.   

They proceeded to order the following services:   

  • Express Capture monthly plan   
  • Kleber Trial   
  • Twins Data Quality Suite   

In March 2019, this client reached out to us again. They revealed that their colleagues in the US were evaluating Kleber and wanted to discuss trialing the software.    

When we called, we discovered that their biggest pain point had to do with uncleansed addresses. We asked if he had checked their workspace, because there were additional fields appended including those that gave reason as to why an address had not been cleansed. We also offered to run their file of addresses not found through advanced address repair.  

Our next conversation with them happened in May 2020. They were setting up a new e-commerce store in the United Kingdom. At that moment, they were in their implementation phase and had some questions related to how address validation worked. This involved:   

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  • Whether they can separate out queries to Australian addresses from UK addresses, so that they could report on it separately; and the simplest way they could make this happen if it was possible.   
  • Whether the endpoints would change considering they were targeting a UK address database   


For their first concern, we explained they would not need to set up another account and this method would give them visibility across the different sites.   

For the endpoints, we explained that they could continue using their existing Kleber account.   

We also discussed their options for using Kleber’s predictive logic in the UK.   

A few days later, we scheduled a call to discuss a purely technical issue, which involved too many temporary request keys being called. We explained when the temporary request key should be called as well as the UK search and retrieve methods.    

In Australia, people usually start filling out forms with the Street Number, followed by a few letters of the Street Name. This is all our software needs to generate suggestions. We explained that in the UK, typing in the postcode first followed by the street number is common practice and they may want to customise the software slightly to fit their new audience.    

When we asked how things were going with Kleber, they gave us positive feedback. However, they did need to lower their plan because they were registering lower usage.  

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The Impact

Address Validation Beyond Borders

Luxury goods are not just products. They are experiences. And part of creating the ultimate experience is making sure that each order is safely, efficiently, and immediately delivered.   

Each wine bottle represents the hard work and expertise of viticulturists and winemakers from internationally acclaimed winemaking regions such as the Barossa Valley in Australia, the Napa Valley in the USA, Tuscany in Italy, and Bordeaux in France. Address validation plays a crucial part in making sure that every delivery does their efforts justice by reaching its intended destination.  

In turn, timely deliveries also help establish and maintain a sense of trust with their customers.   

Consistent, Reliable, and Secure Service

When we asked for feedback on Kleber, they reported that their experience was “great”, they “never need to deal with it”, and “it always just works”. Since it is easy to pick up, use, and low maintenance, they can focus on other aspects of the business that require a human touch.  

Kleber has also easily adjusted to match our client’s level of usage. As a result, they avoid paying for excess credits and creating unnecessary expenses. This level of flexibility allows customers to maintain control over their spending and make the most out of Kleber’s capabilities through the ups and downs of their operations.   

The software can also be adjusted at any time according to the usage levels they are registering so they do not end up paying for too many credits per month.   

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