January 31, 2023

How this meal delivery service gets their orders right, every time

A meal delivery service urgently needed software that could validate addresses to help them

Food Delivery man holding pizza boxes

At a Glance

In such a fast-paced world, our relationship with food can fluctuate wildly between both ends of the spectrum. Binge eating is just as concerning as skipping meals. But for many modern lifestyles, choosing to eat nourishing food is often a secondary priority. 

Meal delivery services are valuable for a variety of audiences:  

  • Parents who run a tight schedule between home, work, and family 
  • Young professionals with no time nor energy for any form of meal prep 
  • Athletes shaping up for their next sporting event
  • Anyone who just wants to shift to a healthier lifestyle 

In this business, accurate customer information is a top priority. Food deliveries cannot be delayed. Their biggest selling point is their capacity to deliver fresh and healthy meals that were prepared by chefs, to consumers in major cities around the country.  

Good food + Good data = Good business

The client first reached out to us in 2016. They registered for the Express Capture solution and asked about installing it on Shopify.  

After further discussions, DataTools discovered that they urgently needed software that could validate addresses because they were suffering from poor address entry. They were also looking into other features, particularly geolocation, beyond address capture for future developments.  

In July 2017, the client hired Appetiser to build their mobile app. We collaborated closely with them throughout development. 

The client upgraded their plan several times since 2016 to accommodate an influx of customers to their website, particularly in 2018 and 2020.  

How Kleber supports food delivery

This client delivers fresh and healthy planned meals to several major Australian cities. It is a meal delivery service most known for having the widest variety of menu items to choose from. Apart from the diversity in meals, the service also offers next-day delivery and chef-prepared meals. 

There is little room for recuperating the loss of a failed food delivery. A delayed parcel filled with clothes or items can still be used when it finally reaches its destination. A delayed meal, especially ones that were made using the freshest ingredients and without preservatives, has very strict time limits before it starts going off.

After the client integrated Kleber into their website, they could accept orders faster and with little to no errors in customer information. This directly translates to money being made for their business and food being consumed by their customers instead of going bad as a result of delayed transit. 


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