12 January 2024

Painting a different picture for customers in arts and crafts

Seamless transactions, precise deliveries, and satisfied customers are part of the artwork. Here's how DataTools helped make every transaction for this creative store as inspiring as their products.


At a Glance

This client needed software that could elevate the way they sent products to their customers. They had issues with verifying information as their customers submitted their personal data. Their goal was to get something that could give them unmatched levels of address accuracy across Australia and New Zealand.

The Client

This client is an arts and crafts retail store that’s been around since 1938. They sell a variety of fabrics, crafts and home furnishings across Australia and New Zealand.  


The Challenge

Creative people help make the world a little brighter, and it’s always inspiring to meet someone who is brave enough to live an artsy life. But while creative energy can exist in abundance, the arts and crafts sector is a niche market. This means that competition can be tough online, especially because they don’t have a lot of people to market to. 

One thing our client had going for them was that they’d been around for more than 80 years. But the big thorn in their side? They were suffering from poor address quality and accuracy, and slow rates of data validation.

We needed to help them stand out by giving them better opportunities to provide quality customer care and better-quality data for marketing insights. 

We understood that this was about finding those art enthusiasts and hobbyists willing to spend…and zoning in on them before time ran out.

The Process 

The client first approached us in 2006. They expressed their interest through the website and revealed that they were looking for a better validation provider.

They needed software that could promise  more than an 85 percent accuracy rate, as this was what they were experiencing with their provider at the time. 

We ran their data through our validation software and got 92% for the same records in less than a minute.

After testing, they purchased our Rapid Addressing Tool (RAT) software for Australian addresses in late 2010.  

A few years later, they increased their number of licenses and expanded to validate New Zealand addresses. 

In 2014, we introduced DataTools Kleber. Both RAT and Kleber can validate Australian addresses and provide address capture. However, developers have more freedom when it comes to working with Kleber integration and the software is API-based.  

A few years later, a new contact from the company reached out to us and was interested in using it for email validation. After a month of trying DataTools Kleber, they purchased a plan and have been using our software ever since. 


The Impact 

Improved Address Accuracy

DataTools Kleber’s intuitive algorithm improved their store’s address data, addressing their concerns on accuracy with the product they used before they approached us.  


Streamlined Data Management

With our guidance, our client first used DataTools Twins to find duplicate data and then continued organising the rest of their database with Kleber. As we collaborated with them on this project, we made sure that their business priorities guided all our actions.  

This client is one example of the transition we witnessed from Marketing-focused features to IT capabilities.

As we continue to navigate the digital world, DataTools’ goal is to provide quality data solutions that are relevant with the times.


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