IT Geeks to Tech Giants:
The Secret to Products That Matter

Gone are the days when we pigeonholed the tech crowd as just a bunch of introverted keyboard warriors hidden away in some obscure office corner. Wake up and smell the coffee – the tech scene has undergone a makeover! 

IT Geeks to Tech Giants The Secret to Products That Matter 1
18 January 2024 ∙ 6 min read

Welcoming the IT Crowd

We’re not talking about silent, behind-the-scenes players anymore. Oh no, these tech gurus are front and centre, diving headfirst into the nitty-gritty of real-world problems. Now, they’re embedded into nearly every industry to intimately understand real-world challenges and innovate solutions that truly resonate.  

And we should know. We’re proud to be one of the very first tech geeks to do so! As a software solutions company, DataTools has worked closely with the postal industry and Australia Post to create comprehensive data quality and mailing solution for businesses in the country.  

This seismic shift for tech departments isn’t just about a difference in perceptions, but a difference in dynamics as well. Initially, we started talking to prospects through their Marketing teams, but now we’ve also got other IT folks in the meetings. 

Enhanced Address Validation With DataTools Kleber

All these new people and skillsets made us realise that the features being requested and the ultimate implementation of DataTools products needed to change, too. Our pioneering products focused on empowering marketing professionals in data management, which included handling lists and duplication, as well as outlining the cost benefits of a robust addressing system that worked with Australia Post.  

With changing landscape, we responded with the development and release of DataTools Kleber. One of its main features is a full-blown reverse predictive search, which is fancy techspeak for predicting and suggesting complete addresses with just partial information entered by the user. 

Plus, you can deal with any issues caused by vanity addresses, which is when people prefer to call suburbs by a different name. One example is Cronin Island, which is really in the suburb of Surfers Paradise. Losing sleep over other people’s narcissism? Not under DataTools Kleber’s watch! 

Hitting an Invisible Mark

If we delve more into what this shift means, then we’d start to understand what the driving forces of the business are.  It has been, for the longest time, that various business units would drive IT to meet their needs.  This will still be true in some organisations, where getting hold of tech resources is like hitting the jackpot.   

But let’s talk big picture. This isn’t just about IT meeting business needs. This is about anticipating needs people didn’t even know they had. It’s like what Apple, Google and BMW do – they don’t just meet expectations, they create them. 

IT-driven businesses have been at the forefront of innovation for years. And as the business world evolves, so do the drivers of innovation. Just like how Apple and Google redefined technology and the internet, DataTools Kleber is here to redefine data management.

So, what are we doing? We’re not just meeting expectations, we’re creating solutions people didn’t even know they needed. Imagine a world where address confusion is a thing of the past, where every customer interaction is smooth, accurate and effortless. That’s not just a dream; it’s what DataTools Kleber delivers.



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