Google Autocomplete Address Validation | What Google Isn’t Telling you

Despite its advanced mapping technology, Google often falls short when it comes to pinpointing precise addresses.

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12 November 2023 ∙ 6 min read

The general geolocation services provided may identify a building but not the individual units within, making it less ideal for accurate delivery, especially in densely populated or complex living arrangements, and we can prove it.

1. Australian New Suburb Extension – North Kellyville, Norwest & Bella Vista

2. Australia Post’s Temporary Solution

3. Address Updates Timeline

Australian New Suburb Extension –
North Kellyville, Norwest & Bella Vista

Situated in the North West of the Sydney Region, The Hills Shire Council has recently implemented substantial changes to the suburban boundaries, integrating new suburbs to better accommodate the ongoing development in North Kellyville.

The suburb changes finalized on 29th June 2018 a significant step towards accommodating the ongoing development in North Kellyville, Norwest and Bella Vista ensuring the seamless integration of new infrastructure such as the Bella Vista and Kellyville rail stations. These changes were crucial for the future growth and development of the region.
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Link to PDF found here.

Despite the positive outlook, the transition has presented its set of challenges, most notably the delay in the update of various mapping services by companies. These services are imperative for the accurate and efficient delivery of mail and parcels, as well as for providing precise location information crucial for both businesses and residents.

Australia Post’s Temporary Solution

To mitigate the impact of these changes on mail and parcel delivery, Australia Post implemented a four-month redirection service, ensuring that parcels and letters were redirected to the correct new addresses up until 31st October 2018. This temporary solution was crucial in providing residents and businesses with a grace period to update their address details across various services.

Address Updates Timeline

DataTools’ Kleber Address Validation service draws from a variety of data sources to ensure accuracy and reliability, with Australia Posts’ Postcode Address File (PAF) standing out one of it’s most prestigious datasets. Unique to Australia, the PAF encompasses every deliverable address point across the country, ranging from detailed street and unit information to postal addresses like PO Boxes.
Australia Post meticulously maintains this dataset, sourcing information from an extensive network of local, state, and territory government land records, as well as Commonwealth government agencies. The integrity of the PAF is unparalleled; local governments provide the initial data, which is then meticulously verified by postal workers— a.k.a “Posties”—who are on the ground delivering mail daily.
In September 2018, a critical update to the PAF was rolled out, coming a few months after the Hills Shire Council finalised the changes to the suburb boundaries. This ensured that the updated dataset was made available before the conclusion of Australia Post’s redirection service.

For DataTools’ Kleber Address Validation service, this update equipped us with the ability to provide precise and current address validation services, ensuring that all of our clients with customers in these newly updated regions could rely on the most accurate and reliable information available.

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Example Address Using DataTools Kleber.

Nevertheless, the pace at which different mapping and address validation services updated their databases varied significantly. Apple Maps, for instance, swiftly incorporated the PAF’s changes, promptly providing their users with access to the latest address information.

Geocoded National Address File (GNAF)

The Geocoded National Address File (GNAF), however, took until mid-November to release their update, showcasing a noticeable delay in comparison.

The Ongoing Issue with Google Maps

Google Maps has remained a notable exception in the update of suburb names, continuing to display outdated information even five years after the official changes were made. To this day, Google Maps has not fully integrated the new suburb names, leading to potential complications for residents in these areas awaiting mail deliveries. Those dependent on providers lacking precise and current address validation software are particularly at risk of experiencing postal issues. This situation in North Kellyville, Norwest, and Bella Vista is just one of numerous instances across Australia and New Zealand where similar challenges arise.

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Screenshot of Google Maps showing results from searching ’16 Liberty Way’.

Google eCommerce Site

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Using Google’s Address Autocomplete API.



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