How to Maintain Database Management Systems for Business

Strike the right chord at work every time with a little extra effort in your database.

How to maintain database management systems for business
03 March 2024 ∙ 2 min read

Hot take: Christmas music never gets old.  

Even when it’s everywhere. 

And everybody’s stuck listening to “All I Want For Christmas” for the billionth time.  

Some people may think it’s just noise, but it can’t be helped – the song is a bop!  

But if you’re feeling like the Grinch and can’t stand any more of Mariah Carey, then the holidays are an opportunity to spruce up on Spotify. And just like weeding out the same old holiday tunes to find that perfect Christmas playlist, businesses need to sift through their data to hit the sweet spot with their data. 

Proactive database management is the key

Maximising how effective businesses are when they work involves “reducing the noise” inside the datasets they work with. This noise reduction is a critical component and ideally, happens where the data is created (an online form the customer fills up, a data entry office, or a call centre). 

The goal is to resolve most data concerns before it moves to the database. This isn’t just something you can fix with a few changes in the software. In many cases, the team itself may need to change the way they perceive and handle the data, too.  

Leveraging your database for greater returns

Now, what else is there to worry about? 

From a back-end perspective, most businesses also need to effectively parse their data and comply with Australia Post. A great way to take two birds down with one stone would be to find a tool that could handle both back-end and front-end data cleanups. 

If you can do this, and reduce the “noise” in your datasets, then here are the incredible benefits waiting for you! 

Beyond quick fixes on database management systems

So, obviously this all sounds great! But what’s the next step? 

Reducing the noise isn’t just a one-time fix—it’s an ongoing commitment to excellence. By investing in the right tools and fostering a culture that values clean, actionable data, businesses are setting the stage for insights that drive decisions, strategies that outpace the competition, and campaigns that truly resonate with their audience. 

When you’re ready to take a step in that direction, schedule a quick call with one of our data quality specialists here



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