The REAL Reason Businesses Don’t Grow, Even With Big Data

When’s the last time you experienced a tiny inconvenience at work and you just brushed it off? Next time, don’t. Especially when it comes to customer or client address information.

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17 January 2024 ∙ 6 min read

Every lost or delayed parcel due to bad address data isn’t just a minor hiccup; it’s a direct hit to a company’s bottom line.

Now, poor data quality isn’t just a tiny typo. It could also be missing details, irrelevant information and/or non-conforming fields.

How to Stop Bleeding Out Cash on Lost or Missing Parcels

We’ve worked extensively with clients in e-commerce and retail who send their products out via courier or parcel. And we love hearing about what they do! Here’s a peek at some of the questions we ask:

  1. What is it you’re sending?
  2. Are you sending something valuable?
  3. What is the average price of your product?
  4. What percentage is just not getting to its destination?
  5. What have you done about it?

We’re not exaggerating when we say this: Every lost parcel is like throwing a wad of cash straight into a bonfire. Not just once, but twice. Why? Because when a parcel gets lost, that’s hard-earned cash disappearing into thin air – and then another payment out of pocket to replace it. Ouch!
Between May 2021 and April 2022, $224.3 million worth of goods went missing or were damaged with the problem worst in Adelaide, followed by Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.
For Australian, New Zealand and international address points, DataTools Kleber was developed to give businesses a comprehensive, accurate and user-friendly solution for managing their customer data. This way, everyone on the team can stress less about the boring stuff, like typos or outdated information.

Big Solutions for Big Businesses

Now, here’s the deal: DataTools Kleber isn’t just about getting addresses right. It’s your secret weapon to keep your business ahead of the game. It effortlessly syncs with your existing systems, making your team’s life easier and turning every customer interaction into a chance to impress. Imagine cutting down on those pesky data errors and winning back hours of productive time – time you can now spend on growing your business.

With DataTools Kleber, you’re not just complying with postal standards. It’s not just about the money you save upfront. Consider the hours spent on handling returns, the hassle of repacking and resending, not to mention the customers who might never come back after a delivery mess-up.

The real question is – can you afford NOT to make this switch?

Your profits aren’t part of a magic trick. Stop letting them vanish into thin air and start conjuring the big bucks you, your business and your database deserve.



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