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Don’t let false records compromise the quality of care you provide.

Phoning wrong numbers, emailing dead ends, or chasing down patients and guardians for their most updated home address – outdated or incorrect contact information can lead to serious communication barriers and potentially critical delays in patient care.    

Enhancing patient care and safety

Appointment reminders, follow-up care, and emergency contacts – these are just a few of the reasons why clean and updated data is so important in healthcare. We can be used to check deliverable addresses, online phone numbers, and email addresses to reduce the risk of communication errors.  

Stop giving patients delays in billing and insurance claims

Errors in billing and insurance can lead to financial losses, compliance issues, and decreased customer satisfaction. A common source of these errors is incorrect customer address information entered during the billing or claims process.

Address accuracy in billing and insurance claims

We offer simple solutions that can be integrated into your billing and insurance claim processes. This ensures that every address entered by a customer is automatically checked and corrected in real time if necessary, reducing the likelihood of errors caused by incorrect or outdated address information. 

Don’t put your healthcare services and colleagues at risk

Incorrectly sent communications can lead to significant privacy breaches, resulting in legal consequences and a loss of trust. In the healthcare sector, maintaining patient privacy is not just a best practice; it’s a legal imperative. These are listed under the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) and the Privacy Act 1988. One of the critical aspects of safeguarding patient privacy involves ensuring that all communications, be they electronic or postal, are sent to the correct and verified addresses. 

Securely validate your customers data

At DataTools, our solutions are specifically designed to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of all communications. With the capability to ensure each patient’s contact information is accurate and up-to-date, reducing the risk of privacy breaches from misdirected communications. 

How we can help make efficient home healthcare a reality

Challenges in delivery, especially delivering to incorrect addresses, can lead to delays in care, increased costs due to parcel returns, and a decrease in patient satisfaction. 

Reduce your operational expenses

How much do you spend on failed and returned deliveries? We can help you cut down on these costs by making sure you always send to deliverable addresses, leading to more efficient operations and resource utilization. 

Validate your customers communication details

We can help verify phone numbers, mobile numbers, and email addresses. This way, you can have full confidence in your database, improving service efficiency and reducing unnecessary costs.

Timely and accurate medicine deliveries

Reduce your operational expenses

Getting medicines delivered doesn’t just ensure customer satisfaction. It can be a critical part of your patient’s health and wellbeing. Our solutions ensure that medicines are delivered to the correct location.

Incorrect deliveries can be costly, involving returns, redeliveries, and wasted medication. Our solutions help in reducing these additional costs by getting deliveries right the first time. 

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