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Residential Addresses

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Commercial Addresses

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Industrial Addresses

Our Australian Address Lists exist for the hyperlocal marketing needs of several industries.

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Retail and

Perfect your logistics
and delivery planning. 

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Enhance service installations and maintenance.

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Food & Beverage

Let everyone know your restaurant is open and ready to serve.                 

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Fine-tune your patient outreach. Let the neighborhood know that you are open to serve them.  

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Public Services

Improve waste management, transportation routes, and emergency response. 

Why choose our Australian Address Lists? 

Whether you’re in retail, utilities, or public services, your operations hinge on the quality of your address data.

We are one of the first to offer a comprehensive and secure solution that provides all the addresses available in specific states, territories, or postcodes in Australia. And we do it while adhering to strict data protection and privacy regulations.

The Australian Address Lists contains every deliverable address point in Australia, which currently amounts to more than 15 million addresses down to unit information and postal.

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Precision & Accuracy 

  • Validated against Australia Post’s Postal Address File (PAF) for utmost reliability.
  • Updated quarterly to reflect new developments, subdivisions, and changes.
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Comprehensive Coverage 

  • Complete address lists for states, territories, or postcodes of your choice.
  • Ideal for businesses needing an expansive overview of all addresses within the location.
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Secure & Compliant 

  • All data encrypted and stored in Sydney’s AWS data centers.
  • DataTools is rated A by UpGuard
  • ISO 27001 certified
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Advanced Filters

  • Drill down your data with filters such as postcode, suburb, or custom-defined regions.
  • Ideal for segmenting your operations or marketing efforts.

How Is This Data Sourced?

Compiled and maintained by Australia Post, the PAF was designed primarily to assist them with the delivery of mail. The data is sourced from local, state and territory government land records and Commonwealth government agencies.
The quality is extremely high. Your mailouts are going the same route as the Australia Post.


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It's all you need to do to get precise, reliable, and updated Australian addresses for your business.

Australian Address Lists

Postcode by State