23 April 2024

Retail, reimagined: data cleansing in Australia for happy customers

With so much going on in both their physical stores, wholesale, and digital platforms, they needed help streamlining all the data as it entered their system.

data cleansing in australia

At a glance

In retail, excellent customer service isn’t just about making sure the salespeople aren’t hovering over nervous shoppers, or that the website loads faster than you can say “time to checkout!”.

Businesses need to think long-term about how to maximise their connection with their customers—especially when they’ve got the opportunity to access so many different audiences, like this client. 

Retail, reimagined

This retail giant has several famous clothing and accessories brands under its name. With so much going on in both their physical stores, wholesale, and digital platforms, they needed help streamlining all the data they were getting as it was entering their system. 

The challenge

So, what kind of capabilities did they need from their data partner to seamlessly conduct data cleansing in Australia? 

Seamless integration with e-Commerce platforms

The chosen solution must effortlessly integrate with their Omneo system and AP21 POS. This integration is crucial for managing customer transactions, tracking inventory, and executing personalized marketing campaigns effectively.

User-friendly for everyone on the team and the customers

The solution should be accessible, requiring minimal technical know-how to operate, thus enabling team members across different departments to utilize it without extensive training.

On the front-end, the data validation tool should offer instant validation and autocomplete functionalities. This not only reduces errors at checkout but also speeds up the purchasing process, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Commitment to data security and compliance

Adhering to data protection laws like GDPR and CCPA is crucial for retailers operating across different regions. The right data validation tool must prioritize data security and privacy, ensuring customer information is safeguarded against unauthorized access.

Additionally, retail companies need to be vigilant against opportunists who create multiple emails just to avail a certain offer or promotion. Something that could validate the syntax of an email and whether it’s online would filter dummy emails out, which would save them big bucks in the long run!

Easily scalable and customisable for the team

As the retail business grows, so does the need for a scalable data validation system. It should be customizable, allowing retailers to adjust features and processes to meet evolving needs and market trends.

Advanced analytics, insights, and support

A data validation partner offering detailed analytics and reporting could help improve the customer experience and employee development. Insights into data quality, customer behaviour, and transaction patterns can drive strategic decisions to enhance service quality and operational efficiency.

From add-to-cart to checkout with address validation

By adopting a sophisticated address and data validation tool, retailers can significantly streamline their online order and fulfillment processes. During a pilot phase, integrating such a tool could demonstrate compatibility with the retailer’s e-commerce setup, improving order accuracy and reducing fraudulent transactions. 

This commitment to enhancing data validation processes not only simplifies online shopping for customers but also strengthens the retailer’s brand reputation by minimizing errors and fraudulent activities. 

Lessons on data cleansing in Australia from this retail giant

Simplify online shopping forms to enhance customer experience.

We integrated into their Omneo and AP21 POS systems so we could extend our address, phone, and email validation services to the customers in the front end.

Don’t be afraid to work with multiple service providers. Find tools that know how to integrate.

This client decided to use our product for several purposes: it was integrated into online orders, retail network dispatches, and POS systems. This helped validate the data for their shipments, which streamlined their deliveries.

Get a tool that can do it all!

Our product provided an all-in-one address, email, and phone number validation solution that connected everything together. It’s so annoying when teams need to go in and out of different apps—why not have it all in one big package, flowing seamlessly between everything?


There’s a reason the term “retail hell” was coined. It’s one of the toughest jobs to take on because there are so many tasks that are repetitive in nature. Everybody on the team deserves a solution that eases their burdens. 

If you’re ready to empower your workforce and change the way your retail system works with seamless data validation and enhanced efficiency, click here to speak to a data quality specialist now. 

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