19 January 2023

This mission group needed help spreading the Good Word. Here's how Kleber solved their problems.

This client is a faith-based group who operates by finding people who share similar values, and helping vulnerable individuals discover meaning in religious literature. They translate, distribute, and interpret this overseas and in Australia.

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At a Glance

This client is a mission group working in partnership with Christian churches. They provide resources to Bible-focused campaigns and community programs.  

It is widely supported by churches across all denominations and partnered with other organizations in areas of publishing, literacy development and youth Bible engagement. 

Our client needed help authenticating their donor data. It played a crucial role in helping them reach the people they were targeting.

We made sure they had the validation tools they needed to continue their mission.

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Improved Reach for New Markets

As our client met and shared their mission with new donors, they wanted to make the most out of these relationships. They found that each new donor painted a clearer picture of the kind of audience who wanted to invest in their mission. 

Clean address data helps them translate new donors into insights for their long-term strategy. They can use these discoveries to craft more targeted fundraising campaigns, see which locations they get the most responsive and consistent donations from, and more. 

The Challenge

1. In 2002, the client was going through a period of rapid expansion and needed a better validation tool to accommodate this progress. 

At the time, we found that the Rapid Addressing Tool (RAT) helped them get the clean data they needed with minimal effort on their end. They saw the same potential to deliver that we did in our product and purchase a few seats of RAT in 2003.

2. In 2021, they reached out to DataTools and informed us of their plans to implement a new CRM on NetSuite. The client hoped to connect our address validation tools to their new CRM. 

During this time, they had plenty of clients so reach wasn’t a big problem. Their main concern was that they needed the addresses that were sent in to be verified.

Their main priority was front-end address validation on their website through WordPress and mail barcoding. 

We found that DataTools Kleber could help them accommodate the influx of clients signing up and interacting with their website.

Kleber can validate these addresses as they are being entered. We wanted to give their team the ease of mind to focus on other tasks and to communicate with donors, knowing that all the information they receive is precise, accurate, and ready for use.

DataTools Kleber integrated on the Mission Groups external website.

DataTools Kleber integrated on the Mission Groups external website.

The Process 

Our relationship with the client began in 2002, when they first starting using our Rapid Addressing Tool (RAT) service. After twenty years with RAT, they called to have the software implemented on their new CRM system as well. 

In 2021, they purchased a Kleber annual plan. The client now fully utilises Kleber to: 

  • Validate the addresses of donors who donate on their website in the front-end 
  • Manage their list of new and existing donors on the back-end 

The Impact 

20+ Years of Unparalleled Data Validation

The global tech landscape has evolved significantly in the last twenty years. Many of the tools used in 1999 have become obsolete today. However, this client has chosen to weather the nonprofit and tech landscape with DataTools. 

Seamless Transition from One CRM to Another

Amidst their expansion, the client needed a system that could accommodate their growing needs. After a series of discussions, they chose to implement and upgrade with DataTools. Kleber ensured that all donor information that is captured into their system is accurate and creates efficiency in the daily operations of this business.


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