25 January 2023

How a not-for-profit improved their campaigns with address validation

A charity based in Australia advocating for a chronic immune disorder needed to cleanse their database and prioritise leads who were most likely to become donors.

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At a Glance

Many charities are operated and structured like startups. This lets them allocate minimal maintenance for administration with most of their funds dedicated to their projects.  

Since nonprofits often operate on limited and volatile funding, they need software that is on-demand, agile and capable of adjusting to their changing needs on little to no prior notice.  

The Client

The client is a nonprofit focused on providing a national forum for a chronic immune disorder. Their work in the 1980s led to the creation of a medical advisory committee which provides research and materials for health care professionals and the community.  

Their advocacy goes beyond borders with initiatives that are launched to bring in funding for research and awareness on this disorder throughout the world. 

CRM for Non-for-Profit using DataTools Kleber

The Challenge

The client wanted to make registering and donating easier for potential donors on their website. They were referred to us by another longtime client who also used Kleber for their organization. 

This nonprofit wanted to improve their front-end website, particularly their registration and donation forms. The project would involve a data validation tool that could integrate with their payments module while improving their data quality so that they could send information to their donors and members. 

The Process 

The client first reached out to DataTools in 2020. After a trial run with Kleber, they decided to use the software. 

Throughout the discussion, DataTools emphasized Kleber’s following capabilities: 

  • The software is priced solely on the client’s usage.  
  • Beyond address capture, the client can also avail of other services such as predictive data entry, email certification and geocoding 
  • Kleber aggregates DataTools and third party data services in a single API for ease of access 
  • Unused credit can be forwarded to the next month, for up to twelve months


Kleber is now integrated into their Salesforce CRM system and is also used for email and address validation on the front end of their website.


The Impact 

This client needed to improve their data quality for several reasons: 

  1. As a nonprofit, they needed to maximize their funding and efforts by making sure that all their member and donor information was accurate and up to date.
  2. To continue scaling efficiently, they also needed software that could validate information as it was being entered into their website.
  3. Part of scaling the organization called for more efficient payments processing, so they needed a software that could integrate with their Payments2Us module and Salesforce CRM.

DataTools recommended Kleber with these points in mind: 

  1. Kleber has a single API with simplified integration for all their customer data requirements.
  2. Kleber offers a Human Touch feature. This, combined with locational awareness, can process batches of full address strings in real time while it is being typed in from the user-end. This is followed by a Repair sequence that dissects the address, implementing contextual pattern recognition to correct, cleanse and verify the address.

Key Takeaways

With Kleber, nonprofits and charities do not need to worry about the following:

  • Cover the cost of set-up, support, and scoping or implementation assistance 
  • Uphold long term and/or restrictive contracts just to use the service 
  • Pay any exit fees if they choose to terminate the service 

Kleber is a true plug and play software that can be adjusted to fit the dynamism of a nonprofit organization. 

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