24 January 2023

Making sense of home addresses, email addresses, and other sensitive customer data for university

We had the opportunity to help one of the most prestigious universities in Australia validate their data.

Students gathered around together in room

At a Glance

This private university had a big problem: they needed help making sure that large batches of data they had on their staff and students were validated. The load included home addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers from all over Australia.

This client has several campuses around the country. They offer a variety of graduate certificates, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees across a wide range of courses, from arts and sciences to medicine.

It has consistently ranked high for several key student metrics in the past decade.

With so many offerings and accolades, it’s clear that this client nailed their promise of providing quality education. However, they needed a little push with improving outreach and making the most out of their data. This primarily involved validating student and staff information from all their campuses.

We first met them in 2019 to discuss the state of their CRM system.

University CRM using Kleber Graphic

DataTools Kleber on a Universities CRM system.

The Challenge

They needed to secure their spot as one of Australia’s top universities. This involves showing that they could provide topnotch education and a meaningful student experience for their enrollees. But beyond that, they also had to demonstrate their commitment to data quality.

Quality education was not a problem. However, they needed to know that they could promise the same for their data

The Process 

We discussed their requirements thoroughly. It was a large project with multiple big key points, and we had a year of talks before they finalised their Kleber purchase. 

University CRM using Kleber Graphic

DataTools Kleber being used in University CRM system validating against listed data.

The Impact 

Two birds with one stone

This client ended up implementing Kleber in several ways:

  1. We helped them  integrate Kleber on their website. Kleber let them validate addresses in real time, as the user typed it into the site.
  2. The university also integrated Kleber in their Admissions Departents across all their campuses. DataTools Kleber now assists with ease of processing online applications from new and incoming students. The client integrated Kleber into their website and CRM systems. Kleber was used to validate bulk data. We processed over 5K home addresses, email addresses and phone numbers from staff members and students.  
  3. Finally, they added Kleber to their CRM system.

Key Takeaways

Why is address validation in education important?

The university experience is life-changing for many people, and that’s why higher education is such a big priority. This client welcomes students from all over Australia in their vision of providing superior schooling to Australians.  

Validated contact information can help them expand their reach and continue to educate for many reasons. A few examples include: 

  • Mapping out students and identifying location-specific barriers to education, such as those in places with poor internet connection or strict lockdown protocols.
  • Tracking the placement of loaned devices and hot spots to maximize the number of students who are given access to the internet per loan.
  • Creating, launching, analysing and refining marketing and enrolment efforts. 
  • Authenticating their data and making sure that emails, emergency contacts, and other personal information are reliable.

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