07 March 2023

Kleber's role in seamless, secure, and efficient data auditing

We offered comprehensive data solutions to a growing organisation that specialised in data quality and audits.

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At a Glance

The client first heard of DataTools through Australia Post and reached out to us in 2021. They were interested in using Kleber as the third-party service provider to carry out the address validation part of the assessment. Within few months they signed up for a Kleber trial.

This client specializes in identifying situations where data, integration and automation can be used to improve an organization. Apart from data quality assessments, they also provide the following services:

  1. Integration
  2. Automation
  3. Infrastructure and Managed Services
  4. Business Intelligence and Data Services
  5. Data Science
  6. AI and Machine Learning
  7. Testing

Conducting address validation as part of the client's data audit project

When they reached out to DataTools, they wanted software that would help provide a data audit for one of their clients. Their client had substantial number of records that needed validation.

DataTools held a series of discussions centered around services such as verify and repair, email and phone validation, geocoding, and international validation. They were particularly interested in geocoding for another client.

We also recommended the following options:

  1. Dedicated unlimited-usage batch servers, in case the business and their clients needed to batch process more than 200,000 records a year.
  2. Become a Kleber affiliate and earn additional revenue when their clients purchase a Kleber Plan.

They purchased a trial with Kleber by the end of January.

By March, they purchased a Kleber Private Batch Server. They left briefly to trial a different software but returned to Kleber after encountering licensing issues.

Address Validation in Quality Assessment

Data quality assessments are one of the many services they offer to their clientele. One requirement to conducting the assessment involved using a third party to validate their contacts’ addresses and email addresses.

As we stayed in touch, the client mentioned that the project Kleber is being used for is “going great”, and the client is likely to request Address Repair services in phase two.

Kleber is also integrated in the back end of their website with the help of Squarespace. They use it to validate customers’ and clients’ addresses. They intend to continue using Kleber for all address validation and repair services.

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