30 January 2023

Helping great art find the right homes

We worked with one of Australia's most renowned art galleries to clean up their CRM and bring them closer to their customers.

Man and woman at Art Gallery looking at painting

At a Glance

Galleries are impressive for a reason: they’re the center of the eclectic art world. The meeting point for artists, their art, and the audience. 

These introductions are often made possible with art shows and promotions. Some art galleries go as far as to offer book publishing and financial management services, so their artists have the freedom to focus solely on their work.

Galleries are also an important source of tourism and revenue.

The Client

This client is one of Australia’s oldest regional art galleries and has an impressive collection of over 6,000 works across multiple mediums.

It’s home to several Australian and international paintings, sculpture and decorative arts and works on paper. 

The Challenge

This client wanted to know if we could process the data they had in batches.

It was a high-priority project during the COVID-19 pandemic, as they were struggling to bring their services to the artists and their audiences at home.

For this project, they needed:

  • DPID and barcoding for all the mailing they did, because they could use these details for a charity discount
  • Printing, labeling, and lettering for the meantime, while they set up a service that would eventually take over this task on Salesforce
  • A payments module that could also handle barcoding to make the whole process easier for organisations dealing with charity mail.

The Process 

The gallery first reached out to us in 2021 and shared that:

  • They moved to a new CRM during the pandemic. As they were looking at how to maximise it with plug-ins, they found Kleber
  • They highlighted their mailing needs, specifically the DPID and barcoding.  

DataTools recommended a two-step plan: 

  1. Use Kleber and become an AAKonsult for easy integration. Use Payments2Us for address capture. Optionally, use the Batch Addressing Tool while they are setting up their Salesforce account to prepare labels and batch process data. 
  2. Once they finished setting up their account, they could stop using the Batch Addressing Tool and continue using the mail barcoding service they needed through Kleber and Payments2Us. 

A Work of Art

This art gallery concluded that they’d go with Kleber for address validation and barcoding and use Batch Addressing Tool temporarily, while they waited for their payments system to support Salesforce for mailing features.

They added Kleber to the front end (when a customer or client would enter their details on a web form) and the back end (the database) of their site.

With this, the gallery can now verify donor information and memberships while the information is being entered in real-time.

The client can now verify donor information and memberships as the information is being entered, which allows them to provide mailing services with confidence.  

This is important not just for non-profits but also for organizations that mail regularly, since they need to schedule these deliveries with limited funding in mind.

We’re happy to see how Kleber serves as their first line of defense for address validation. 

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