Beyond the Cookie Crumble:
Thriving Sans Third-Party Cookies

Ever wondered how companies track your every move?

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13 February 2024 ∙ 5 min read

For context, we’re talking about tech cookies. Don’t worry, all the baked goods are safe!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, cookies are small text files that contain your browsing information. There are cookies created by the site you’re visiting (first party cookies) and cookies by other sites that have embedded their content on the one you’re visiting (third party cookies).

Think of it as the third-party cookies piggybacking off the website for your internet habits.

Now, contrast that with first-party cookies. These cookies are set by a website, for the website, when someone visits. It’s a way to keep track of what users do while they’re there. Your login information, what’s in their shopping cart, or language preferences.

Primarily, first-party cookies are all about improving the user experience on your site. They’re less about tracking for advertising and more about making sure your site remembers and responds to your visitors’ needs and actions.

The big difference? Third-party cookies track users across multiple sites, building a broader profile for targeted advertising. First-party cookies, meanwhile, focus on enhancing the user experience on your site specifically. DataTools has extensively developed products that help enhance the accuracy of first party data, such as addresses and phone numbers. This will become even more crucial as third-party cookies phase out.

Why the Big Phase-Out?

Third-party cookies may not be the main star of whatever content you’re consuming, but they’re one of the biggest celebrities in online advertising.  

The big deal about phasing out third-party cookies is that marketers have been using it extensively to understand user behaviour, tailor ads, and measure their effectiveness across different websites. They’re quietly looking at what you’re looking at, and building a profile of you as a consumer. 

Unfortunately, these companies often collect your data without your knowledge and permission.  

The reality is that you aren’t using the internet – the internet is using you.

Unleashing the Power of First-Party Data with DataTools

So now that third-party cookies are going the way of the dodo, it’s time to rethink the game plan. This is a new era where first-party data isn’t just an asset; it’s your main player. 

And it’s also where we want to step in, swinging the bat for your team. 

The demise of third-party cookies is a clear call for quality over quantity. Our suite of solutions ensures your first-party data isn’t just abundant, but also accurate, relevant, and usable.

Use DataTools Kleber to maximise the power of your CRM, or DataTools Australian Address Lists to jumpstart a marketing campaign with 100 percent accurate and updated addresses. 

Imagine sending out promotions that hit the mark every time because they’re based on accurate, up-to-date customer information. It’s like having a GPS for your marketing strategies – you know exactly where to go. 

And in a world sans third-party cookies, retargeting needs a makeover. DataTools wants to transform this challenge into an opportunity. By enhancing your first-party data, you can develop retargeting strategies that rely on real interactions with your brand. It’s about getting personal, but in a way that respects privacy and builds trust. 

You’re One Tough Cookie. Own It!

The end of third-party cookies is not a crisis; it’s an opportunity. An opportunity to build stronger, more meaningful connections with your audience.  

You’re delivering advertising that’s not just effective, but respectful and relevant. It’s time to embrace this change and lead the charge in the new age of digital marketing. DataTools is your ally in this journey, powering your journey towards first-party data excellence. 



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