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Stop troublemakers before they even begin

False applications, identity theft, and other suspicious activities infiltrate systems when businesses lack robust security measures and fail to implement proactive monitoring systems.  

Ensure all records in your CRM are up-to-date

Duplicates, outdated addresses, and inconsistent data are a nuisance at best and a security risk at worst. DataTools can also validate phone numbers and emails, so you can have all-around confidence in your CRM. 

Ensuring newly entered information is correct

Everybody can make a small mistake and just fat-finger their address as they type. DataTools offers products that can accurately catch and correct any misspelled addresses, so these small errors don’t snowball into total disasters down the line.  

Stop using guesstimates to figure out your customers.

Knowing exactly where your customers are located is key to assessing credit risk accurately. With DataTools’ advanced address solutions, you can ensure that every address in your CRM is not just correct, but also current and verified against the latest records.  

DataTools Geocoding & Validation

Our geo-validation tools go beyond mere address correction, offering precise geocoding that pinpoints the exact location of an address. While one of our sources the Postal Address File (PAF) by Australia Post is focused on deliverable addresses, our next source the Geocoded National Address File (GNAF) contains official addresses and “unofficial” addresses not recognised or recorded by an authoritative body such as a land agency. These include ATMs, tree plantations, reserves and substations. 

This level of detail allows for more accurate, location-specific risk analysis, so you can unlock deeper insights on your customer base and enable more informed decision-making in credit risk management. 

Avoid sending sensitive customer information to the wrong individuals.

Misplaced or lost documents can lead to significant issues for both the financial institution and the customer. DataTools offers a reliable solution to ensure that every financial document reaches its intended recipient. 

Improve existing customer information

We rigorously verifies and updates postal addresses to ensure the highest accuracy. This means that every financial statement, contract, or sensitive communication is mailed to the correct address, reducing the risk of loss and enhancing the security of your mailouts. 

Stop suffering from outdated, nonsensical, and poorly formatted data.

When your CRM is cluttered with poor-quality data, it’s not just an operational headache; it limits your ability to unlock valuable insights and make informed decisions. DataTools steps in to transform your CRM from a data dumping ground into a goldmine of accurate, actionable information. 

CRM data migration, cleaning and maintenance

By updating and verifying customer information, we ensure you have access to the most current and comprehensive data. This enables more precise targeting, better customer segmentation, and more effective marketing strategies, driving your business forward with data-driven decisions. 

Stay ahead of compliance issues by keeping only current and correct customer data.

Navigating the complexities of compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations can be challenging for any business. Inaccuracies or outdated information can lead to legal complications and non-compliance penalties.  

Address verification for compliance

Utilise DataTools to verify and validate customer addresses at the point of entry. This ensures that all the address information in your system is accurate, helping you meet stringent regulatory requirements with ease. 

Real-time updates for ongoing accuracy

Our solutions can be used as address details are being entered into the system and are updated with the most recent and authoritative address data in Australia and New Zealand. This ensures you can maintain compliance over time, especially in the dynamic regulatory environment of KYC and AML. 

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