dedupeimageWhether you’re running a small business or a conglomerate, organisation and management is the key to a smooth running workforce. Any data gathered by a company needs to be kept in a proper organised pattern to keep track of services and customers. When needed, this data can be pulled back and used for future reference. Take a cluttered desk for example; if you need a paper clip, it’s a lot harder to find it if your desk is messy. That’s why proper organising is crucial for a successful company.

What is data de-duplication?

Data de-duplication is a term used to define a process that identifies duplicate entries in your database and removes them. The process seems simple, but it can be a lot more difficult to identify tricky duplicate entries than you initially think. This is where DataTools steps in to make data de-duplication easier for your business.

Why should we use data de-duplication software?

Many databases contain duplicated entries. For example, clients could be entered twice with different spellings of their name – or for different addresses, contact details etc. And if you are trying to work with multiple databases, data needs to be matched accordingly before you contact the client. This cannot be done by simply shuffling them all together and hoping it’s in the right order.

Many companies use de-duplication programs to remove multiple entries but only DataTools’ easy to use wizards, match keys & our advanced ‘fuzzy logic’ techniques make identifying duplicates simple yet comprehensive.

The reason why companies should implement data de-duplication software is that with high quality data de-duplication, matches will be made easily and all details stored under a name will be easy to find. Not only does that save time, money and resources spent in finding and matching clients, but data duplication and matching software also removes the expense of sending out multiple communications to a single client or address – which can look unprofessional and confusing.

Software such as Kleber  offers simple and advanced matching for all its users and it can be easily integrated with your own systems to create a seamless working environment. Businesses these days need to keep all information at their fingertips, and by bringing in such clever software, a business will not only increase its success but please its customers as well.