DTwins Professional Mailing softwareataTools has been working in the innovative data solution business for about two decades, and over that time period we have made it our mission to offer quality software solutions to our clients. Our products can help business owners from anywhere in Australia, and overseas, to improve the quality of their data and take their business towards new heights of success.

Today, we are here to discuss the value our de-duplication and matching solutions can deliver to the clients who choose to utilize them. Here is why you should invest in our Twins Data Quality Suite for your data de-duplication and matching needs:

It’s User – Friendly

The most noticeable quality of Twins is that our programmers have made the interface very user friendly. Most other software in the market will need you to be an IT connoisseur to operate them, but our software allows you to receive quality results with the help of its simple and easy to use interface. The simplicity of Twins negates the need to program any complicated matchings rules that you have to come up with yourself.

The Tech

We have used the most sophisticated technology in the industry to provide users with efficient de-duplication and matching software. It can efficiently match any type of user details and minimises possible mis-matches.It allows you to easily identify relationships between databases and lists, and it supports matching of elements like names, business names, addresses, etc.

The Innovation

Once you implement Twins in your organisation, you will soon comprehend the superior innovation of the software. Twins will match even the trickiest of data entries, using its highly accurate parsing technology in combination with a myriad of complex algorithms. All these innovations give you the opportunity to match your prospect lists with the accounts list that you already have, and clean the existing database by matching it against do not mail lists, do not call lists, unsubscribe lists etc.

The Advantages

  • Businesses need de-duplication and matching software not only to clear out any clutter, but to keep records organised and managed, and this where Twins is at its best.
  • With the help of Twins’ unmatched de-duplication prowess, you will be able to delete redundant data and save up to 90% of your data storage space.
  • The main features of Twins include cross-referencing, reporting, validation screens and specialised tools, which allow you to create a seamless process of receiving quality results.
  • By using Twins you can save your business’s resources and money, while also reducing the time it takes to perform various data related tasks.

These are just some of the benefits that you can expect when you start using Twins in your organisation. If you want to learn more about Twins and how it can improve your ROI, call us (02 9687 4666) and speak to one of our representatives who would be happy to assist you with all your queries.