A great many of you use Twins on a standard desktop PC. This PC may have been upgraded with additional Hard Drives, more RAM and a faster CPU or you may have purchased additional licenses and PC’s to help support growing demand.

But this may only help for so long. So – where to from here?

One option is to implement the Rapid Addressing Tool API that includes the Twins component. This gives you a customisable platform that can be integrated into your main MS SQL server, to provide you with an effective solution. The process is not difficult, and we provide easy to follow documentation to get you up and running very quickly. Our Client Service team are also available to answer any question – big or small!

So, why head down this path? There are a myriad of reasons, but there are 2 that most clients really care about;

1)    The ability to let “Server” grade hardware take the load of processing the millions of records clients deal with, and

2)    The new found freedom of processing when humans are no longer working – aka, Automation

Who fits into this category, and why you should look at taking the next step?

In our experience, the organisations that are the best fit for this approach are those that perform the same task repetitively. And we would suggest that monthly is enough to engage in deciding if this approach is for you. Obviously, the more repetitive your task is, the greater impact you will have in reducing labour hours and saving the organisation money! But don’t get us wrong, this isn’t about creating opportunities for redundancy. Think of it as an opportunity to focus more on what you’ve not had the resources to dedicate to. If this solution can free up 10-15 hours a week, then that could be enough to not have to hire an additional team member.

Also, don’t think that this is just a solution for the same task week after week. This solution is highly dynamic and able to handle data from any source, and to run it within any database/ table you desire.

This type of solution not only provides a number of opportunities to free up labour, but it provides an opportunity to ensure that you have a compliant data set on a daily basis. If you leverage this solution, and run it across your data on a quarterly basis, you’ll;

• Ensure ongoing compliance with the Australia Post PAF.
• You’ll have a normalised data set.
• You’ll be able to effectively report on duplicates.
• You can provide a solution to track the movements of your key customers.

This is foundation software at it’s best. To be fair though, each organisation’s needs are different, and a solution that works well for others may not be a good fit for you. The worst thing you can do is nothing, so take the first step and find out more. Then decide if this is a solution that has a fit in your organisation.

For more information contact our Sales team on (02) 9687 4666