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Real Time Address Capture Solutions

Fast, accurate capture of addresses is vital for any organisation.

Effective real time address capture solutions can:

  • capture addresses with at least 70% less keystrokes;
  • makes entering address details not only faster but more pleasurable
  • validate addresses at capture time;
  • instantly format addresses to Australian and International standards (& thus postal compliancy);
  • consistently format addresses reducing the likelihood of human error.

All of this means you will increase productivity, reduce time wastage and boost your bottom line.

Solutions available

DataTools has 3 real time address capture solutions that cover the variety of ways and places that you need to collect address information.

All options are user friendly, simple to implement & are backed up by our full support guarantee.

Whether you are a small business looking to ensure your website collects verified address data or a multinational looking to integrate a solution with your own software – we have the answer.

See below for a product comparison to help you decide which option will suit you best.

Product Comparison


Express Capture Kleber Rapid Address Tool
Easy to implement address capture for websites Developer flexible web services for custom integration Easy to implement address capture for desktop apps
Australian Addresses
New Zealand Addresses
International Addresses
Predictive Address Capture
Reverse Address Capture
Browser App
Desktop App
Developer Web services API
Point and click setup
Developer flexible custom integration
Additional Data Enhancement Features
Additional Data Cleansing Features

Express Capture

Express Capture is a fast, simple to install website tool that can fit to your existing address formats with no developer required.

Learn more here.


Kleber is a fully customisable data platform that provides easy to code data solutions for all your data issues.

Learn more here.

Rapid Addressing Tool

Recommended if you are after a high speed, rich desktop solution for your address capture needs.

Learn more here.