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Deduplication & Matching Solutions

Removing database duplicates – or matching up records to add intelligence – is just good business.

All databases have duplicated entries and sometimes they can be difficult to identify. Or it could be that you have multiple databases that need to be matched against each other to find existing clients and lost opportunities. Finding a way to navigate through these often complex data issues isn’t always easy.

That’s where DataTools comes in. Our high performance deduplication solutions identify tricky matches using advanced fuzzy matching technology and predefined match methods, thus removing the need to program complex matchings rules yourself. 

DataTools’ user-friendly solutions also allow easy matching against other sources – such as matching your prospect list against the current accounts list. Or washing your existing database against do not mail lists, do not call lists, unsubscribe lists etc.

Advanced matching also allows for easy identification of relationships between databases and lists, while supporting the matching of elements such as people’s names, business names, addresses, telephone number, email addresses etc to enrich the data you already have.

DataTools solutions help you save time, resources and money.

Solutions available

DataTools has two options available to assist you – a powerful desktop option and a developer API option for integrating into existing platforms.

All options are user friendly, simple to implement & are backed up by our full support guarantee.

Please see a product comparison below to assist you in deciding which options works best for you.

Product Comparison

Twins Kleber
Easy to use, feature rich desktop solution for AUS/NZ addresses Developer flexible web services for custom integration
Easy to use point & click Windows app tick twins
Developer API
Deduplication tick twins
Name & Address Matching tick twins


Easy to use feature rich solution to validate, cleanse and repair lists of Australian and New Zealand addresses.

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Kleber is a fully customisable data platform that provides easy to code data solutions for all your data issues.

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