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 Data Cleansing & Enhancement Solutions

There are lots of ways to clean or enhance your data.

Data is important to any business – but having data that is meaningful and useful is the key to success. You can add intelligence to your data by performing tasks such as:

  • cleansing/verifying existing contact information such as address, email, phone, etc
  • parsing data into its elements in order to facilitate analysis
  • merging data from various sources to find relationships
  • enhancing data with other options such as geocodes, customer profiling, ABN lookups, and more.

DataTools is leading provider of easy to implement  data cleansing and enhancement solutions all of which can improve business intelligence and data segmentation in real-time.

Solutions Available

DataTools has 3 solutions that cover the variety of ways that data can be cleansed and/or enhanced.

All options are user friendly, simple to implement & are backed up by our full support guarantee.

See below for a product comparison to help you decide which option will suit you best.

Product Comparison

Twins Kleber File Processing Command
Easy to use, feature rich desktop solution for AUS/NZ addresses Developer flexible web services for custom integration File processing solution for integration into process automation scripts
Easy to use point & click Windows app tick twins
Developer API
Scripted Command tick fpc
Address Cleansing tick twins tick fpc
Name & Address Matching tick twins
Email Validation
Phone Number Validation
Data Enhancement options (Geocodes, customer profiling etc)


Easy to use feature rich solution to validate, cleanse and repair lists of Australian and New Zealand addresses.

Learn more here.


Kleber is a fully customisable data platform that provides easy to code data solutions for all your data issues.

Learn more here.

File Processing Command

File Processing solution for integration into process automation scripts.

Learn more here.