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 Barcoding Mail & Postage Savings Solutions

Need barcoding software for postage savings?

DataTools has been at the forefront of providing high quality barcoding software to customers ranging from small businesses through to Australia’s largest corporations since barcoding began in 1999.

Our easy to use software ensures that mail preparation is a simple and seamless process, not only saving you postage and time but increasing positive campaign outcomes as well. 

DataTools is Australia Post AMAS approved and PIP compliant. We fully support all of Australia Post’s requirements for the following mailing systems: Barcode Pre-sort; PrintPost; Linehaul; Consolidation; and Impact Mail. 

Our solutions support Australia Post’s standard 37 bar 4 State barcode. We can also provide a fully integrated returns management system utilising the extended 52 and 67 bar barcodes capable of storing customer information. With extended 00FCC support, full Australia Post BQP content, and print approval you can be confident that a DataTools barcoding solution ticks all the boxes.

Solutions available:

There are 4 DataTools solutions that can assist with barcoding. Which one you use will depend on the volume of mail to send; the type of mailing required and where in your mailing process you need the solution to work.

All options are user friendly, simple to implement & are backed up by our full support guarantee.

See below for a product comparison to help you decide which option will suit you best.

Product Comparison


Batch Addressing Tool
File Processing Command
Simplified desktop solution for Australian addresses Easy to use comprehensive desktop solution for AUS/NZ addresses. File processing solution for integration into process automation scripts Developer flexible web services for custom integration
Easy to use point & click Windows app tick BAT tick twins
Developer API
Scripted Command tick fpc
Address Cleansing tick BAT tick twins tick fpc
DPID Appending tick BAT tick twins tick fpc
Standard Barcode tick BAT tick twins tick fpc
Extended Barcodes tick twins tick fpc
00FCC Barcode tick twins tick fpc
Barcode Pre-Sort tick BAT tick twins tick fpc
PrintPost tick twins
LineHaul tick twins
Consolidation tick twins
Impact Mail tick twins
Fuzzy Name & Address De-duplication tick twins
Fuzzy Name & Address List Washing tick twins
Advanced AUS Address Repair tick twins
Postal Pricing Reports tick twins
Manifest Reports tick BAT tick twins tick fpc
Label & Envelope Printing tick BAT tick twins
Advanced Tray Sorting tick twins
Visa Tray Label compatible tick twins

Batch Addressing Tool

Recommended for small mailers who simply want to get a barcode on their mail to access Australia Post bulk mail discounts.

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Easy to use feature rich solution to validate, cleanse and repair lists of Australian and New Zealand addresses.

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File Processing Command

Recommended if you are after mail preparation, barcode creation and manifesting solution that can be integrated into process automation scripts.

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Kleber is a fully customisable data platform that provides easy to code data solutions for all your data issues.

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