Kleber is predominately used to deal with contact information – be it to help enter a new customers’ address information quickly & accurately on entry to your database, or to validate any of your existing customer’s postal address, email address, phone numbers etc.

However Kleber gives you easy access to more than just these basics – important as they are!WomanPeople

We’ve been working with a number of data providers from around the world to allow you to capture all kinds of data easily; to utilise your existing data more efficiently and to access profiling or geodemographic information to add to it.

This means you can market more accurately to your existing clients as well as use them to help you understand your target audiences better so you can attract new clients.

You can check out all of our current methods at the Kleber Method page but the latest additions to Kleber include:

New Zealand Business names

In addition to the Australian Business names Kleber has had for a while – you can now search the New Zealand Business Name register of business entities for information such as NZBN etc.

Data is provided by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) in New Zealand. Currently this dataset includes all entities from the Companies Register, with further types to be added in future when enabling legislation has passed.

(Note: Users must create an account with MBIE in order to access this service.)

Do Not Call Register

If you have a telemarketing campaign planned – you need to ensure compliance with telemarketing laws by washing your existing database against the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s (ACMA) Do No Call register so that you know exactly who NOT to call from your list!

(Note: Users must create an account with ACMA to register for your telemarketer ID and password in order to access this service)

National Change of Address, Deceased and Delivery permissions reference data 

Australia Post’s Suppress and update databases allow you to keep your contact database up to date. You can use and address or a DPID to access the National Change of Address (NCOA), Deceased and Delivery permissions reference data to improve customer retention and reduce marketing, administration and mailing costs.


Helix Personas

Helix Personas is a geo-digital psychographic segmentation dataset from Roy Morgan Research that combines location, demographics, lifestyle, attitudes, behaviours and values to reveal who your real customers are as well as telling you where and how to reach them.

You can use either an Address or SA1 to access the information.

(Note: Users need to create an account with Roy Morgan Research in order to access either of the two methods available in Kleber.)