Energy efficiency conceptEveryone knows that data is important. And everyone knows that it’s important to have data that is correct, validated, clean, etc.

But is your data easy? Is it working for you – rather than the other way around?

DataTools has determined that in a lot of cases the answer is no. Oh yes – some things are easy – especially those things we’ve been helping you with for years now.

But we’ve also found that if you are trying to integrate data from more than one source into your own system, that all kinds of hurdles pop up.

Hurdles such as:

  1. lengthy and complicated negotiations, sometimes with multiple vendors to gain access to the data;
  2. trying to figure out data access costs, such as how many transactions you need to purchase from each source and building in buffers to cover unexpected busy periods, etc;
  3. trouble developing the integration with the different sources  – because every source does it differently (of course) making integration a headache at best and a nightmare at worst.
  4. And then when you’ve jumped all those hurdles – there are the ongoing issues such as having to maintain hardware, test and load data from all the different providers at different intervals across the year, etc.

So DataTools developed Kleber – to make data easy.

Kleber is a data services platform that has access to a large and ever growing list of different data sources from various data suppliers around the world.

Every Kleber subscriber can access all the options (called methods) in Kleber and the cost of utilising any of them is simply deducted from a monthly subscription amount of your choosing.

What’s a method I hear you ask? Think of it as a single task or process that can be applied to your data to provide an answer. In other words a way of doing something – a method – to apply to your data.

And the major advantage of Kleber is that you can combine ANY of the methods available to create your own solution. Nothing is off limits.

This means Kleber can provide you with solutions to all kinds of data issues you may be experiencing without having to do all the running around talking to multiple suppliers – or working out data access costs etc. DataTools has already completed all this for you.

So that takes care of hurdles number 1 & 2.

Hurdle number 3 – trouble integrating different sources – is also a non issue with Kleber. By providing access in one platform to all these data sources Kleber in effect standardises the integration process. It’s super easy to set up and you can start integrating straight away with just a few lines of code. There are working examples and sample code for everything and if you have a question – we provide free unlimited support and advice as part of the service.

Kleber is also cloud based – which provides advantages such as ease of access & scalability. It also means that DataTools tests and loads all the data for you. No more chasing lost CD’s or downloading large files. So hurdle number 4 is gone as well.

And to make life even easier we give you $50 of free credit to try out any of the methods available in Kleber when you register! This gives you the freedom to work out what is going to work best for you when you’re developing your Kleber solution & will assist you in working out what monthly subscription will be required ongoing based around the rate of usage.

So what kind of things can you do with Kleber? Well – sorry to be a tease – but that will be covered in the next blog in a fortnight’s time.

But if you can’t wait till then – take a look at our Kleber website to learn more.

Or if  you want to jump on in and start trialing it now – click here to register and get your $50 of free credit.

Either way you may just make your life, and your data, easier!