Bauer case study

BauermediagrouplogoAt Bauer Media we had a long standing relationship with our previous address validation tool provider, but had started to feel the contractual structure and product flexibility left a lot to be desired.

The challenges we had included –

  • Expensive and restrictive terms requiring long range forecasting and prepayment
  • Time consuming (and costly) manual, in-house managed regular updates to address data
  • In-house infrastructure management and maintenance costs for hosting address validation services
  • Limited options for moving to API driven cloud hosted and vendor managed options
  • Less than pro-active account management

After investigating alternatives we found the DataTools Kleber product offering and it was clear that the simple cost structure, flexible API interface and support made moving from our incumbent a no brainer.



MagshopimageThe Kleber solution provided a number of benefits including –

  • Simple per API call pricing
  • Flexible monthly plans that include generous bonus credit with credit roll over for up to 12 months
  • Easy and intuitive online Account management with the ability to change package month to month and report on usage

Due to the amount of online transactional address checking from our eCommerce platform, we wanted to maintain a single account and interface to the Kleber product offering pushing all transactions through the API interface.



As a result we developed 3 implementations with the Kleber API –

  1. Real time address and email verification in the Magshop consumer facing checkout flow
  2. A tool for adhoc address checks by our operations and call centre teams for use whilst on the phone with customers
  3. A tool for batch file processing for bulk orders received from third parties

The final challenge we had was a very tight time frame as contract renewal with the incumbent vendor was impending.

This was not an issue however, as the full development and implementation was completed within a month with two developers. An amazing effort and testament to the ease of use of the Kleber API interface and the support from the DataTools team.