Many of you already utilise our address capture and/or address validation software (such as the Rapid Addressing Tool or the Batch Addressing Tool) to ensure that your customer’s details in your database are correct. You know already that this standardises address formats and saves you time and money.

But as the Bob Dylan song goes – the times they are a-changing!

ipad-820272_640Most businesses these days have websites – and many of those include forms that allow customers to enter their details themselves, either to deliver goods to, or to register for something like a membership, conference or newsletter etc.

Yet – if you don’t have address capture and validation included as part of that web form – you’re back to the bad old days of incomplete addresses, non-standard formats, and invalid or incorrect details being captured – all of which you have no control over!

This of course then results in wasted time and money delivering to wrong addresses and/or chasing down the correct details.

DataTools has many options to help you – from a simple drag and drop solution you can have installed in minutes – through to more complete solutions that not only validate addresses but can also verify email addresses and check phone numbers too.

So if you want to wrestle back control of your website’s customer details – call us on (02) 9687 4666 to discuss how to include address capture and validation on your website and ask about our free trials so you can see firsthand how they will improve your website, decrease client frustration and improve sales.