30 January 2023

How Address Validation Helps This Art Gallery Grow

One of Australia's most renowned art galleries used address, email and phone number validation to ensure their CRM system is state-of-the-art.

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Doc# A17868

At a Glance

Galleries are at the center of the art world. These establishments bridge the gap between art and the audience. It is how artists showcase their work to institutions, collections and art connoisseurs.  

This is made possible with art shows, promotions and even the provision of certain services such as book publishing and financial management so that artists can focus exclusively on their work.  

Galleries are also an important source of tourism and revenue for their neighbourhoods.  

The Client

This client is one of Australia’s oldest regional art galleries and has an impressive collection of over 6,000 works across multiple mediums. It is home to a variety of Australian and international paintings, sculpture and decorative arts and works on paper. 

The Problem / The Challenge

This client needed an address capture service that could batch process their existing data and keep up with their shift in business priorities during the COVID-19 pandemic. This shift involved the following: 

  • The need to capture DPID and barcoding, as they dealt with plenty of mailings and needed these details for the charity discount 
  • Assistance with printing, labeling and lettering while they set up a service dedicated to this task on Salesforce 
  • A payments module that could also handle barcoding to help ease the process for organizations that deal with charity mail  

The Process 

The gallery first reached out to us in 2021. They expressed the following:

  • They transitioned to a new CRM software during the COVID-19 pandemic, where they understood Kleber had a plug-in that could help with address validation. 
  • They send mail and they need DPID and barcoding to obtain charity discount.  

DataTools recommended a two-step plan: 

  1. Use Kleber and become an affiliate of AAKonsult for easy integration. Use Payments2Us for address capture. Optionally, use the Batch Addressing Tool while they are setting up their Salesforce account to prepare labels and batch process data. 
  2. Once they have finished setting up their account, they can stop using the Batch Addressing Tool and continue to use the mail barcoding service they need through Kleber and Payments2Us. 

A Work of Art

As an art gallery, this client plays a significant role in the cultural advancement and economic development of its locality. They concluded Kleber would provide the best solution for address validation and barcoding. They implemented the Batch Addressing Tool as well.  

The client is using the Batch Addressing Tool while they wait for Payments2Us to support Salesforce for mailing features.  

Kleber is now used in both the front end and back end of their website. 

The client can now verify donor information and memberships as the information is being entered, which allows them to provide mailing services with confidence.  

This is important to non-profits, especially for organizations that mail regularly since they need to schedule these deliveries with limited funding in mind. Kleber serves as the first line of defense for address validation. 

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